Creating Brand Atmosphere.


We use systemic methods, creative techniques, large group interventions, interviews, trend scouting and common methods of analysis in a very classic way but also unusually. Our aim: surprising results, inspiration, enjoyable work environment.


A brand originates from within. We see ourselves as strategy facilitators who help to discover the potential of the brand.

Collective Knowledge

We believe in the power of the people within their system. We prefer and trust this qualitatively power rather than too much quantitative market research.

Internal Branding

Brand is when you love it

Internal branding is embedding the brand strategy in the minds of those who define the company - the employees. They are the supporters, multipliers and circulators of the brand.

Just one example: A company has 3,000 employees. In an ideal situation these are 3,000 ambassadors that represent the company in a positive and brand-consistent way. They talk to their colleagues and have an average of 10 family members or friends, with whom they are talking about the company. That results in 30,000 people having contact with the brand.

Our process of internal brand implementation conveys to enjoy the brand. Only this enables employees to live the brand in every situation instead of just following the companies’ rules. This anchoring is achieved using the triad of information, dialogue and interaction. Our workshop competencies, effective methods and the ability to make people enthusiastic about their environment produces results that inspire and enrich all corporate levels.

Our competencies:

  • Action Planning
  • Internal Communications
  • Internal Campaign Development
  • Workshops
  • Training
  • Roadshows