Creating Brand Atmosphere.


The one-day seminar in a small group of ten participants maximum allows you to engage with the issues of corporate identity in the succession. A variety of inputs, case studies and work phases allows an easy entry into the topic. For further information about dates and content please contact us.


During a one-day compact workshop in your company’s premises we and a selected group of the entrepreneur, the successor and (optionally) decision-makers will determine the elements which define the identity and the arising demands during the course of succession. We provide initial input on how to structure your most valuable asset and how to transform it in the future. We will put into words what has always driven your company and will most certainly do so in the future.

Entrepreneurial Talk

The entrepreneur is a cultural force, therefore his or her successor should be more than a passive cultural absorber. Through targeted questioning and facilitation in a collective conversation we will detect the corporate values which influence the identity and which innovations can be achieved through succession. You will see what aspects of the identity are relevant for the business succession and how they affect the succession process. We will collaboratively summarize the results of the analysis and develop recommendations for action.

Generation Branding

Only genes can be passed on without a word

Did you know that the most succession mechansm fails because of internal conflicts? Time and again, we have had founders and successor at one table and noted that uncertaintainties about corporate values and visions were an insurmountable hurdle. This resulted in dissatisfaction or even conflicts that interfered with the positive development of the company. That’s why we implement WOLF Generation Branding® - the brand development system for family businesses in the succession process.

The lossless transfer of a company’s intangible assets to the next generation is a crucial success factor and requires a systematic approach. Methodically oriented on the WOLF Branding Process we explicitely work with the personal behavioural patterns of the entrepreneur, that form the company, and their relevance for future generations. Our goal is to create a clarity which creates additional value.

We are the first brand agency that systematically concentrates on this topic and for this reason enjoy a lively exchange with universities. 

Our competencies:

  • Generation Branding®-Process
  • Generation Branding® Seminar for successors
  • Generation Branding® Workshop
  • Entrepreunerial Talk