Creating Brand Atmosphere.


Design developments are creative. For us, creativity is multi-faceted and can range from fundamentally different to very pragmatic. The requirements of a project determine the framework.


Those who design need permanent design inspiration. We emphasize inspiring work spaces and scope for new ways of thinking.

Corporate Design

Design with room for change

When asked whether we have a certain design style, we always deny it. Our motto: Design follows strategy. The positioning, the brand core, the values and the vision of the company determine the design development, not our taste.

Clarity, systematics and usability are the cornerstones of our creativity. To us, creativity also means to be open to influences that reflect all areas of life - as design needs space for growth and change.

Therefore we observe the markets and make use of trend research or scenario techniques to check again and again how changes in society affect design.

Our competencies:

  • Logo design
  • Corporate Design . Corporate Design Systems
  • Online and Offline Applications
  • CD Manuals
  • Guidance Systems
  • Image Brochures
  • Product Brochures

Corporate Design in practice: Find out more in our case studies.